Updating software on ps3 who is jason wahler dating 2016

Posted by / 24-Apr-2016 06:24

Updating software on ps3

There’s a new firmware update out today for the PS3, so if you’re still rocking that old piece of hardware you’ll be in for a surprise when you next turn it on. Yeah, stability, that’s all the PS3 is worth these days… It’s the usual stuff these days for the hardware that isn’t as high up the chain of importance for Sony, so you can just expect your console to be even more stable than before.

Asking your PS Vita by default will only give you firmware 3.63 (or above), so we have to be a bit sneaky.SYSCALL must be disabled using a tool like PSNpatch, SEN Enabler, web MAN MOD or another application in addition to the spoof !!!NOTE: You must disable this spoofer if you're upgrading to 4.80 CFW or later.There are lots of tutos out there including here on wololo.net, but they are a bit outdated. Note that this tutorial is about upgrading to firmware 3.60, not downgrading to it!If you’ve installed firmware 3.61, 3.63, or above, you’re pretty much sc*** for now and will have to wait until a new hack is released for the PS Vita.

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