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The show started back in March 2015 after a four and a half year hiatus.bbmilf666 _ is an online moniker for a shit bitch that professionally stalks bands as some sort of income.Rachael Cantu is a singer, songwriter, and musical extraordinaire who got her start as an opener for Tegan and Sara, Ben Lee, FUN, Pat Benatar, Peter Frampton, and BB King.She has released two solo albums, ​Far And Wide​ and ​Run All Night​, which include songs that have scored television shows such as ​Private Practice, ​​Royal Pains, Degrassi, ​and ​Pretty Little Liars​, to name a few. She recently created the show ​One Big Happy​ for NBC and has served as a writer/producer on ​Two Broke Girls, Hot In Cleveland, ​and ​Ellen.This episode not only teaches the proper elements for each anniversary (1st year: paper; 2nd year: cotton; 5 1/2 years: Rolex), but is also a peek into a loving, romantic, laughter-filled relationship between two people (Liz Feldman Rachael Cantu) who started out as friends and then had the gumption to kick it up a notch.If you're waiting for the part about cats, fast forward until the part about The Morning After.All guests were either involved in or sympathetic to lesbian culture, and Feldman had hosted several of the actors from The L Word, as well as bands and solo artists with an LGBT connection, such as Uh Huh Her and Tegan and Sara.Each show featured a regular section in which Liz Feldman would bring on her friend and co-producer Raimy Rosenduft to talk about new music.

Plus, Liz and Raimy dish on the lesbians of medieval times. Get more info on Liz at myspace.com/lizinhollywood.You can find her rants about Borderline Personality Disorder, and the men she might kinda-sorta-be-dating on Twitter and her selfies on Instagram will be published in English by MIT Press in Spring 2017. He has only ever experienced transcendence via dim sum (savoury pork buns and shiu mai).She studied philosophy in Frankfurt and now lives in Berlin. She likes rocks, small metallic objects, and access to medicine. Aaditya Aggarwal is an aspiring filmmaker and a contributing writer to The New Inquiry and the Zubaan Blog, among other publications, as well as a former co-editor of Camera Stylo, a University of Toronto publication. He thinks way too much and doesn't get paid nearly enough. Garth Algar enjoys being told what to do in Philadelphia and elsewhere, and runs Negate City, a zine distro aiming to provide the North Carolina Hardcore scene with viewpoints on issues affecting the conditions of our existence.This week she shows off some thrift-store fashion and interviews Ray Liotta about her fear of Ray Liotta.The Deal: If Johnny Cash and Amy Winehouse somehow made a baby, 27-year-old bronx-born Puerto Rican front-woman Alynda Lee Segarra would be the result.

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When I first started writing songs, I wanted to sing my love songs to women, whether they be my best friends or a character I created.

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